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Two wrongs sometimes make a right *PIC*

Jim K in Trappe PA
>Here's my first ornament.

A couple months ago, I found a piece of spalted maple firewood and made a small round box, but the wood kept chipping and breaking off, especially inside. The shape looked stupid, and the base never really worked, so I tossed it in a bin.

Two weeks ago I was trying to turn a finial. It turned fine, but the proportions were way off - too tall.

On Sunday I started to think about turning an ornament, and shortly after came across the round box and realized it could be used for an ornament. Then I remembered the too-long finial. Also, last month I had bought some colored stains... So I turned the base off of the box, added the too long finial on the bottom, and made a new finial on top.


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Two wrongs sometimes make a right *PIC*
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