Turning Archive 2005

Spoon, turned for a change *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Some of it at least. Experimenting. Not totally happy with it but someone will enjoy it as a Christmas gift, I'm sure. SURE takes a lot less time to make spoons this way than purely carved, single piece ones.

This took me less than 2 hours total. My fancy spoons take about 10. I think if I put a few well placed beads/coves on the shaft for the next one it would be a nice addition. What'tya think? I also would have liked to put a more decorative accent on top, more like a finial, but I goofed up with the skew.

Turned walnut shaft, maple burl bowl and accent. About 14" long total. Finished by sanding to 320, then Briwax clear. Comments welcome.

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