Turning Archive 2005

Premature but hopeful gloat

David Breth
>I've been bugging people without ceasing about wood sources during my first year of wood turning, and came across a very interesting source at church. The guy owns a construction company (home remodels mostly), and I figured from time to time he clears off some trees. He tells me a story.

He is clearing off one of the oldest homes (farmhouse) in the area near where I live, and as they are dismantling, an older fellow shows up. He sees the huge beams that my contractor friend is saving for his dad's house. The old fellow tells him that his great grandfather or great great or whatever cut those timbers himself from the surrounding woods when the area was being pioneered, and that this particular wood is from a Cucumber Tree. Apparently there is a letter giving more details that my friend is getting for me. I'm going to end up with a couple of chunks of this wood to work with.

I have not seen the wood yet, but hopefully it is solid stuff. I have no idea how Cucumber turns, in fact, I never heard of it before this story. To me, the interesting part will be to have the opportunity to turn wood that came from a house that was probaby 140-150 years old when it came down, and I would imagine that the tree was probably a century or more old when it was taken down.

Hopefully this stuff turns out to be good stock to work with, and hopefully the friend comes through with it and the letter.

Anybody care to burst my bubble? Cucumber tree breeds impotence? Every person on earth is deathly allergic to it? Nobody turns it because it is a giant weed?

David B.

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