Turning Archive 2005

Some bowls I recently made

Eddie Pacheco; San Jose, Ca.
>Last month I took a 2 day turning class in Sebastopol, Ca. and I finally have some turnings to show here. I have an old Atlas spindle lathe which I've "turned" on off and on for the past 5 years. I got wraped up in a home remodel project and later a part-time retirement job that kept me away from the lathe. The remodel is done and I quit the part-time job as it became a fulltime + job. Prior to the class I would start with a decent size piece of wood and an idea in mind and I would end up with a 10th scale version of what I had in mind. On one of my bowls Nancy thought I had turned a knob for a cabinet she was making. That was depressing.
Well last month she treated me to this class as a Christmas gift to me (she's a sweetie) and after a brief layoff for Thanksgiving vacation and to finish a few chores I was able to do some turnings last week. I can honestly say that now when I start with a certain size blank my finished part is close to that size and so far with no launching of the blank from my chuck. And I get real looking shavings now! That is like a super leap of progress on my part.
Anyway, here are the pictures and I would like to say Thank You to you folks here on the turning board. I really have been reading the heck out of your postings and looking at your pictures. And, yeah, you can be sure that I attempted to copy, to the best of my ability, from what I saw here. I hope someday that I can create a piece that someone may want to copy. For now I'll just settle for being able to keep my blank in place from start to finish.

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