Turning Archive 2005

Hard wood

John Lucas
>I just turned the hardest piece of wood I've ever turned. It was oak. I've turned alot of oak and other woods much harder, Locust, Osage Orange, Pecan. Even with a freshly sharpened gouge I had trouble making light cuts. The tool would just skip off. I could force it to cut but only if I took off a moderate amount of wood. I finally got it shaped pretty close but had some tool marks and tearout. I decided I would sand it. It was so hard it actually dulled the sandpaper. I've never had a wood do that. It wasn't clogging the sandpaper which I though was happening. You could clean the sandpaper and it just would no longer cut. You could feel the difference with your finger. The sandpaper just didn't have an edge. I finally got the darn thing done. I would have thrown it out but it came from a tree that blew down in my Ex's yard and my son and I cut it up. I wanted to save a piece and turn it and give it to her for Christmas. I had rough turned this bowl and it wasn't hard when I rough turned it green but after 6 months drying it is the most dastardly would I have ever turned. Anyone else ever have this happen. I had some barnwood once that would dull a tool when making the first few cuts through the outside layer. I think this was due to sand in the wood. It cut fine after the first few cuts.

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