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Rookie needs help re:chucks and sharpening!

Wayne Leach
>Hi to all:
I am spending the winter near Americus,GA in a 5th wheel at a campground. I have an add-a-room attached where I can "putter" when not on the golf course. UPS just delivered a new Jet mini and last weekend I build a lathe stand for it out of lanscape timbers. I have collected misc wood (oak, maple,pecan & sycamore) and now want to get started turning but need/want a chuck for bowls, boxes etc. and really need help selecting one to purchase and from where??
Also, I have an old grinder made by Black and Decker with 5" x 1/2" wheels (grey)- does anyone know where I could get Alum Oxide-white wheels to fit this. I have a Baldor at home which I will bring in future so just want to get by this winter. Would the grey wheels suffice if I am careful and use a light touch???
Any help/advice would sure be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Best regards

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