Turning Archive 2005

Sandpaper storage solution *PIC*

Dennis Daudelin
>I recall reading a sandpaper storage question a couple of days ago.

I finally got my digital camera out and shot a couple of pics of mine. Since I've recently built a new shop, I tried to take my learnings of what was missing or difficult from the last shop. Here's how I set up the new sandpaper storage area. It's built into my new tool storage area. It's right behind me as I stand at the lathe.

It has 2 parts. First is a shelf to hold new sandpaper and is covered by a sheet of plexiglass (which of course you can't see as it's clear). The plexiglass keeps the shavings and chips out of this space.

The second part is a holder for partially used sandpaper. This is made by clothespins and wire. The clothespins are labeled by grit so I can put them in the right spot (yes, very anal).

You can also see that I've moved my CA remover to this area so that it's always in arms reach!! I learned something by a recent thread on getting stuck in the wrong place!!


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