Turning Archive 2005

" Scraps" *PIC*

Bill Stehman
>A follow up from Barry's "what do you do with scraps"
But first you have to suffer thru a short story... chuckle. Being a segmented turner and burning off exotic scraps as waste blocks for face plates I came up with a thought over the summer after communicating with Cindy D and started saving the nicer pieces. I then put them to use the past month making 14 Christmas boxes for all the nieces nephews and grandkids.. lidded vessels or what ever they are and finished them by turkey day. Eight tall ones for the women and six short ones for the men. Then the boss said they are so small, what about making a pen or something to go with them. #!@&#! I have never made a pen in my life. The day after Thanksgiving I visited The closest Woodcraft and bought some pen kits, a drill bit and a mandrel. Tried to make a pen then remembered Russ's tutorial about pens. Studied it dearly, made another pen then dug deep into the trash and scrap bins..... trying to match the wood in the already made boxes or what ever they are. I started gluing and cutting and had a great time. I will now always have pen sets out of scraps in the works to turn while the "glue is drying on bowls" Wonderful fast gifts and a big thank you Russ for sharing! The second photo was my third pen set and I have gotton much wilder... chuckle.
This bowl is 5 1/4" w X 10 1/2H" finshed with a Russ tung oil marine varnish mix which prolongs the inevitable change of chakte kok to a rust color to over a year. Thanks again Russ.


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