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New JDS Cyclone

David Breth
>I've been saving my pennies for a dust collector, and narrowed my search to the newer cannister varieties such as the JDS 16001, Delta 50-850A, and the Jet version I can't remember the part number of. I was looking at cyclones, but could not find anything that would fit my short ceiling (75") - UNTIL TODAY!

For those of you with short ceilings (and deep pockets), JDS is rolling out a 2HP cyclone, model is 2000-CK, runs $900. It is 72" tall. Amazon lists it as an "order it now and when it comes in you'll get it", so this seems to be a hot-off-the-press item. I don't want to do a commercial for JDS here, but I'll just say the numbers look good to me, and those of you interested can do some research. The biggest thing I wanted to point out is that this is going away the shortest cyclone I've seen that looks credible, and is the ONLY one that would actually fit the height of my basement. Other companies may follow suit, but I wanted to post this because somebody has to be experiencing the same height difficulty I am.

David B.

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