Turning Archive 2005

I heard you

Ed Moore
>I always wonder if anyone benefits from the exceptionally wise counsel that I try to impart. ;^D Well, I want you to know that I have listened to you. The thread about the shop fire caused me to put a big extinguisher on my Christmas list. And, I think it was Sean Troy who spoke so highly of the Canon A620. Actually, everyone I know who has a Canon digital camera likes it. That is also true of Olympus, but yes, I just ordered the A620.

And I have particularly appreciated the info about oil finishes that Russ and some others have shared.

I am not a groupie and tend to do things on my own or with SWMBO, but I am pleased to order a WC sweatshirt and identify with a nice group of people.

And I wish everyone a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday of your choice,

Ed Moore

PS: That's the last PC comment you will ever hear from me, so savor it. ;^D

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