Turning Archive 2005

Broke a Bowl Gouge Today...

Ryan Dicker in Renfrew, Ontario
>Well my Henry Taylor 3/8" bowl gouge is 2" shorter that it was yesterday.

I was coring out a fairly solid piece of dried box elder (I had picked up the blank at a wood show) when I felt a sneeze coming on. So I pulled the gouge off the tool rest, sneezed, then looked back to the bowl and put the gouge down to the rim where there was still some hard sealer on it. I hadn't meant to touch the gouge to the wood yet but dumb me sneezed with my face shield on and couldn't see anything...It cought and broke.

I wanted to get this bowl done tonight but now I'm a little depressed. What's even worse is that I have a foot switch controlling power to my lathe which I could have easily let off of...

Oh well, I guess worse things have happened.

Thanks for reading my sob story. I guess the moral of the story is that you should always lift your face shield if you have to sneeze...


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