Turning Archive 2005

Oneway tooling

Bruce in Saint John, N.B. Canada
>Anyone contemplating purchasing a Oneway spindle steady be sure and check the bottom of the base before placing it on your lathe bed. I got one a month ago and just got around to using it the other day, perhaps I should have noticed it but its to late now. The bottom plate was very rough around the outside edges and also around the slot for the hold down bolt, bottom line is that it scratched the ways of my lathe all to pieces. Contacted Kevin at Oneway and all he could say was that I'm sorry but I will speak to the employee that performs that operation. Perhaps he could give him some lessons in draw fileing as that is really all that was required, can't figure out why the quality control employee didn't catch it. Hope this information helps someone out in case Santa happens to leave a Oneway steady under the christmas tree.

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