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Motor/Wiring question about new/used lathe

>Hi all,

We took apart our newly acquired Powermatic 90 lathe today, and found an interesting surprise. The motor is labelled as a 3 phase, and seemed to be wired as such in the motor enclosure.

However, when we looked at the lathe running at the shop we bought it from, it was wired as single phase 22O volt at the starter.

Is it possible that the motor is not 3 phase, even though it is labelled as such? The lathe is older, from the sixties, and it came out of a high school wood shop.

Is it possible that they used a 3 phase motor somehow on this machine, and there is some sort of converter in the headstock where the speedchanger is located?

The wiring of this machine intrigues us, and now we are really confused as to how this is set up, or supposed to be set up.

Lastly, does anyone here know if there is a way we can obtain an owners manual for this machine, which might provide more insight on the wiring? The cord that feeds the motor from the headstock is dry rotted, and will need to be replaced.

I will post this on the turning forum as well.

As always, thanks for your help!

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