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George (Oxford, NC)
>Well I bought the HF lathe I mentioned in an earlier post. I will be taking a sharpening course at Woodcraft next month as well as a basic turning course. But in the meantime, while I'm futching around with an inexpensive set of HF tools, I started wondering. I don't have a 'good' grinder, just a 6"er that I used for drill bits and metal work. I know that I will have to get one at some point in time (probably soon) but in the meantime I am using something else and it seems to be working. I have one of the cheap Delta 1" belt/6" disc sanding stations. I put a fine grit belt on and have run the gouges, etc. across the belt (on the flex part, not the part with the platen behind it). It seems to give it a good edge. At least I can tell the difference between before and after I touch it up on the sander. Is there something inherently wrong with using the sanding belt?


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