Turning Archive 2005

Sorry to bother you; but, help?

Ruth NIles
>I do apologize but I've just spent 20 minutes trying to search the archives for information about soaking Norfolk Island Pine bowls. I know there have been many postings on this subject but I just don't know how to bring them up. I checked "the past year", "all" of these words, then tried 198 variations of NIP, soaking mixture, translucent, homebrew, home brew, etc. etc. I keep getting "0 results for your search"...........I know I'm doing something wrong.

HELP! I have 2 chunks of NIP, can't afford enough Danish Oil, some of you (Russ included, I believe) have posted your own mix to achieve the same results and I can't find them. aaarrrrgggghhhh

Thank you for your kind patience and responses.

Very Sincerely Yours,
Ruth Niles
(had a formal moment there)

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