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Shop disaster Some advise to my fellow woodturners *PIC*

>Well, fellow family of woodworkers. Last night was a bad night. A heater in one of my doghouses caught fire and spread to my shop. got the dogs out fine. Faucet was frozen so no water, and shop extinguisher was no match. Shop was fully engulfed and we lost it all. new powermatic lathe, big griz tablesaw, New 17"bandsaw,etc.., all my special timbers, pen blanks and kits, turning blanks, burls and crotches, everything.My shop wasn't even 2 yrs old yet. no Christmas presents for the relatives from my shop this year.

I'm thankful it didn't spread to any houses or neighbors, but we had a lot of personal stuff stored in the loft which is gone forever, as well as all of our Christmas stuff. So much for decorating this week.

Met with insurance, and due to an oversight on our part (I won't bore you all with details) none of the tools were covered, and the building coverage is questionable. We'll find out next week on that.

PLEASE EVERYONE LISTEN UP: we always hear about these things, myself included. I too had an "it won't happen to me" attitude.

Please check your extinguishers, and make sure you have a BIG one, or even two. It's a horrible feeling to be gaining on a small fire to only run out of spray, then watch it get huge.

If you live in cold climates, (we're in Lewiston, Idaho)put in freeze proof faucets. I could have stopped this at the dog kennel had I just had some water.

have a plan in place for your family members. I have 2 kids. My daughter is 17, son is 14. they were awesome last night. No real panic. Zac took care of the dogs, Nicole called 911 (I already had, but she was on it too) Kids knew what to do, and everyone stayed safe.

Go over your insurance with your agent. review it, ask questions, update any new purchases or add-ons. Just go thru it and make sure all is right with the world.

I'm very thankful we still have our home. So many in the US lost theirs this year.
I feel a bit ashamed in that I will miss all my tools. My new Powermatic 3520 had maybe 10 hrs on it. My little JetVS we used the heck out of and I'll miss it too. I taught my 72 yr old Mom how to turn pens over Thanksgiving. She's hooked and wants her own now. Planned on giving her my Jet since I had the big powermatic if I was unable to buy her a new one for Christmas. It was 2 days in the shop that I'll always cherish.

Give your loved ones a hug. make sure you have everything in order. you just never know when something could happen to you.

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