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Free Craftsman Bandsaw in Northwest NJ

steve antonucci
>"In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king."

If any of you are desparate for a bandsaw, you can have my old 12" Craftsman for the price of some gas and your time. I just bought a new 18" Rikon, and I can't wait to get this out of the garage.

Send me an e-mail- first in gets it. I'll even help you load it, but don't tell me you want to come after Christmas... I want it gone.

It does work, but the shaft need to be replaced on the bottom if you want it "perfect". If your like me, you could easily go to Sears Part Central and get the part for an easy fix.

Send an e-mail to santonucci at aol.com and I'll reply with the details.


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