Turning Archive 2005

Faceplate deal for 3520 owners (or 1-1/4"x8TPI)

Craig Daymon
>In looking for extra faceplates for my new 3520, I checked out the machined steel 4" FP's at Woodcraft. Seem like a good deal at about $30 each. While there, I took a look at their closeouts.

On the first page of the closeouts was a product described as,

"Index Faceplate, 1-1/4"-8 Prebored Thread"

for $25.99. Sounded interesting and the threading was right for my Powermatic, but not very clear what it was. Turns out to be a 150mm (just under 6 inches) Aluminum faceplate, acccording to Tech Support. Normal price was $49. I bought 3.

This is a closeout item, so I thought I'd let everyone know.


P.S. These were originally designed for the Nova (DVR?) lathe, I hope that doesn't mean the threads are LH instead of RH.

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