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@#%#$ lacquer revisited

David Breth
>My anger issues with lacquer are rekindled. Earlier in the week, I posted about trouble I was having with a spray lacquer can, got some great advice (as per usual on this site), problem resolved and the little stickpens actually look pretty good.

The stickpens had little rub-on decals of roses, and the lacquer worked out just fine with them.

Two days ago I turned a box for my wife. Going away the best fitting box I've ever done (out of the four or five I've ever tried). I put a rub-on decal all the way around it (chickadees, because my wife likes them). Looked really good. 1st coat of spray lacquer. The decal is cracking a bit, and some of the edges have curled over on themselves. Really hacks me off. But, there's a lesson to be learned here, I just need to figure out what it is.

The application method was the same for the pens and the box.

I can not explain why this happened, but if anybody has insight, I would sure like to hear it because I don't want to repeat this. Wood type? (pens were poplar, this was a banister blank somebody gave me that had for pieces of wood glued together) Differences in rub-ons that caused a different reaction with lacquer?


David B.

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