Turning Archive 2005

Bill Grumbine video

John Lucas
>I did a demo for our club last night on basic bowl turning. When I got finished I noticed that someone had returned the Bill Grumbine video to the library so I took it home and watched it this morning. I wanted to see how Bill did things differently than I do. I swear if you watched my demo and then watched Bill's video you would think I copied him. Honestly I didn't. So naturally I'm going to give this video a good recommendation. I've spent close to 20 years turning bowls and learned much of it the hard way. Then I started going to demos and symposiums and watching other turners. There I learned a lot of other techniques that refined mine. Bill is teaching these same techniques in his video. If I made a video it would end up being just like him, except you can fit 3 of me in the same space. Good job Bill.

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