Turning Archive 2005

tricky cuts and sanding

David Breth
>Last night I turned a box - one of few I've ever turned, and for once did not completely destroy it. But questions arise:
1) What do you use to hollow out the endgrain box? This was maybe 2-2.5 inch interior diameter. I was throwing everything I had at it to hack away that wood, but everything I have is a starter Sorby set of five tools - 3/8 roughing, 1/4 spindle, skew, 1/8 parting, round scraper. Whenever I do an endgrain opening like this I just kill the interior if it goes to any depth, I'm not getting sufficient bezel on the wood. Whattya use?

2) Sanding a piece like this is a bit of a trick. I ran the lathe at the slowest speed, delicately stuck my fingers in there and did it as best I could without getting too aggressive. Unwise sanding method on my part - my fingers were in there up to the hilt, and a little left-right movement and I'm pretty sure I don't want to know the outcome. ("stupid" comes to mind) How do you safely sand something like this while on the lathe?

Thanks -

David B.

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