Turning Archive 2005

Nested bowls... the hard way *PIC*

Ed Kelle
>A friend ordered a set of 3 nested textured bowls, which was a real challenge for me. Especially because I do not have a bowl coring system. I had to do it with 3 different pieces, and knowing how much cherry likes to warp, I had to keep this in mind when I roughed them out. So I gave them about 1" thickness just to be on the safe side, much more than is recommended with the DNA method, but I didn't want to take any chances and end up without enough thickness to texture the rims consistently. And I was down to my last few larger pieces of cherry too. Pressure was on. First large piece.. yup I found a nice knothole and it flew out, so that was not acceptable. (But it did lead to my textured knothole bowl). Tried again and was able to get a them all roughed out no problem. Soaked them for a day and wrapped them and let dry. After a few days I noticed some checking starting to appear on the smaller ones. I REALLY did not want to look at the big one, but luckily that was just fine.

A few weeks later and I started the final turning. The big one went well, got past the few minor checks to good wood with the 1/2" thickness I needed for the rims. Then onto the medium one where it got interesting. Luckily I guesstimated it right when I sized the roughout, so when it was trued up it was a decent size in comparison, and a nice height when sitting inside the larger one. The smaller one was a bugger, has a bunch of checking that I sealed with CA. I went just a hair too low when I made the rim, but otherwise it fits pretty well. This was the first time I used a ruler in my turnings. It is definitely not my style to get math mixed in with turning.

I am happy with the results, but it sure isn't a challenge I need any more in the future. Maybe Santa will bring me a coring system ;)

Bowls head out to their new owner tomorrow. Cash on the barrel, no woodden nickels accepted.

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