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Turning Tips Server for your websites *LINK*

Andrew Hilton
>Hi everybody,

I just wanted to stop in and let everyone know about a new little website tool to help streamline parts of the websites that I maintain. It's called the "Turning Tips Auto-Generator".

Basically, you can connect up to it from your website so that it serves up woodturning-specific tips, techniques and information to your site viewers automatically. All you have to do is just place some code in your HTML page where you'd like the tips to show and with each "hit", it'll deliver a new tip to your viewers. I and several other turners, woodworkers, finishing experts, etc. are constantly adding to the database and keeping things fresh and up-to-date.

There's no advertising, pop-ups, fees, malicious code, or anything else that I wouldn't want on my own websites (because I use this on all of those too!). Currently, the size of the tips are small (under 250 characters) but there may be options for more detailed tips, pictures, drawings, projects, etc. in the future. There's some customization provided (say, only giving finishing tips, for example) and probably more of that sort of thing as time goes on.

More information and some coding examples can be found at the following link. If there are any comments, questions, concerns or help needed, please go to the link. It'll all be handled there.

I hope the rest of the community can get some use from it as well.

- Andy
Hilton Handcraft of the Ozarks

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Turning Tips Server for your websites *LINK*
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