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Doug Trembath
>Those of you who have been familiar with me over the years will recall that I don't often recommend or endorse particular products or vendors unless I find them to be exceptional. Dante DiIanni and I met at the local woodturning club meeting. I found him to be a really nice guy, very accomplished in flatwork, and running a successful woodworking business. He approached me about turning lessons, so when our schedules coincided I spent a Saturday at his shop a few months ago. I also got to know him better, and have found him to be of excellent character and integrity. He has a lot of knowledge regarding woodworking tools and equipment, and has spent long periods of time taking instruction from some of the best in the business. I was flattered that he considered me as an instructor.

I got to see his tool store, of course, and was I impressed! He has tools and materials I have been searching for that are hard to find in the Pittsburgh area. Each time I walked out of the store, I was lugging a big box of goodies, and reveling in the fact that his prices beat anything I had found on the net, in catalogues, and certainly in the woodworking stores that are available around here.

I know there are quite a few guys on WC highly regarded for the quality and pricing of their tools. I think DiLegno (pronounced Dee-yane-yo) is definitely worth a look, and as I say, you will have to go a long way to meet a guy as personable, knowledgeable, and more pleasant company than Dante DiIanno.

He is advertising here on WC, and as such is supporting Ellis's efforts, so take a look at the following link, and see if there's anything you need.

Doug Trembath
Studio in the Woods

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