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#%$#@* Spray Lacquer

David Breth
>I could use a little assistance from the crowd. My experiences with spray lacquer are few and far between because the stuff stinks up the area you use it in and because my results are always not great.

Last night, I sprayed a couple of stickpens (poplar). Followed the instructions letter perfect I believe. Pens were mounted standing upright on a little contrivance I made so I could spray, then spin a quarter turn, then spray, etc., until I completed a revolution. I stayed about 10-12" away, like the instructions ask, and was careful not to overdo it, but just stayed on a side until it looked uniformly wet. I was actually concerned because when I was done, gobby drops were forming at the bottom of the pens.

This morning I took a look, and was not surprised to see terrible results. The surface is rough - stubbly. Fortunately, the globby drops at the bottom are gone - either soaked in or fell off, who knows. But, my results are always stubbly with this stuff. last time, I over-compensated and glopped the heck out of a bowl with the stuff and got pools in the bottom of the bowl.

Can you help me with technique here? I'm pretty sure I'll have to sand a bit before a second coat, which basing on history, will also be stubbly. I can't sand too much, because I've got rub-on decals on the pens.

Annoyed. This is one of those things that make you feel incredibly incompetent because the rest of the world seems to have an easy time of it, and here you go. Its the clumsy part of puberty all over again. But - that's the beauty of this site. There are people who have walked in these shoes, they're out there, and using spray lacquer.

By the way, I can't recall the make, but I think it is pretty decent stuff. I want to say 3M...not sure.

David B.

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