Turning Archive 2005

Hamlet Turning Tools

Ryan Dicker in Renfrew, Ontario

As I was making my final shopping list for the Ottawa Wood Show this weekend, I came across Hamlet Turning Tools on Jacques Coulombe's website. (http://www.jacquescoulombe.com) I had not heard or seen these chisels previously, but of course I haven't been in the market for high end chisels for very long.

They offer most of their chisels (I figure they have just about every kind of turning chisel in existance) in regular M2 HSS as well as in even harder steels, ASP 2030 and ASP 2060. They claim that the ASP 2060 steel will hold an edge 4 times longer than regular M2 HSS.

What I would like to know is whether the M2 HSS steel they sell is as good as the M2 steel offered by Henry Taylor or P&N. Jacques has currently got a 25% discount on the already reasonable prices for Hamlet Tools. I just want to make sure there is no reason for me to change all of my HT and P&N chisels on my list to Hamlets.



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