Turning Archive 2005

How about some track lighting?

Mike Schwing from Md.
>I need to very seriously improve my lathe lighting situation. I have a couple of the flexible Moffat lamps, and I like them for their versatility, but I need more overall lighting. I'd like to get rid of the flourescent fixture above the lathe for all of the reasons they're generally a no-no - disorienting, hard to discern details/sanding scratches, etc.. and would like to provide some directed lighting options. I keep thinking "track lighting", and Lowe's has a good assortment at attractive prices. Some of them are even hung on flexible shafts and could be contorted to provide lots of lighting options on a whim.

In my mind I'm adding a strip on the ceiling on either side of the lathe, extending a couple of feet past the end where I slide the headstock to work on bowl interiors.

I'm figuring a well covered lamp at a min to prevent shavings catching fire and all, and probably those little spot halogens are too hot and too spot specific.

Any comments good or bad? Much appreciated.

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