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What a Delightful Day!

>Hello Everyone,

I just had to share what my Mailman brought to my house late yesterday. First of all let me preface this by saying that this community of friends truly is so very special to me and I know to lots of others. I can honestly say that all of you really add so much to my world! If you try to explain to people who don't know of WoodCentral or who don't use the computer like we do...they just get a glazed look in their eyes. They just don't get it. With that said....I want to start by saying the other day Ed Moore posted something about a Hout Bowl Skew and peeked my curiosity about it. He posted some great pictures to help clear the questions and then sent me a private email offering to let me borrow his for a month or so to make sure I liked it before I sunk $70 buck into one. I insisted that it was way too much trouble and thanked him for his kind offer anyway. But Ed insisted it was no problem and wouldn't hear of me saying no to his offer. So I agreed to let him send it. How unbelievably nice is that of him!?? Well the package got here late yesterday and WOW what a cool tool. I can't wait to try this thing out! But that's not the end of story. Inside and taped to the steel of this tool was a tiny little bag with a pair of the sweetest little turned birdhouse earings I've ever seen! Oh, my gosh! They are so incredibly cute! I just love them. These are going to be very dear to me. This was so nice of you Ed, thank you :)

...but wait! That's not the end of my Delightful Day story....there's more! Next to Ed's package on my front porch was yet another package. I mean it was like Christmas in November! This box was from Ed Kelle. Ed and I had been emailing recently about his little acorns that he turns and I asked him if he would like to do a trade with me. I'd send him one of my mini hollow forms for one of his acorns. Well I was thrilled when he agreed and so off went a mini to Ed, and yesterday a package from him arrived! I was so excited to open the box and find the little acorn...but to my surprise....there was not an acorn....there was 5 of the most beautiful little acorn boxes I have ever seen sitting in the most perfect little pedestal bowl! Oh, my gosh I almost had tears in my eyes! Seriously...these little acorns are so perfectly turned. The lids on them pop off with the sweetest little pop you've ever heard. The bowl as you can see in the pictures is so different and so wonderfully textured and is absolutely perfect for these little gems to sit in.

Oh, my gosh...what a delightful surprise! Ed, I feel like I should send you another box full of mini's! These two packages of surprises from these two gentlemen truly made me feel so good yesterday. Just one more tribute to WoodCentral, to Ellis and to all of the people who make this place so special.

Ed's...thank you :)


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