Turning Archive 2005

Is the grass really BLUER...!? *PIC*

Keith Tompkins
>in Kentucky? I will find out for myself this summer! I just learned that I will be a presenter at the AAW national symposium in Louisville, KY!!

My topics will be:

1. Turning the rose: The rose pieces have been very well received, and I have examples in some very good collections. The rose is also a Niche award 2006 finalist. I will demonstrate how to turn a cube on the lathe, then show how to turn a rose blossom. I will share some of my ideas on form, and how they relate to the rose.

2. Fundamentals of form and design: This has been a tough sell, to say the least! Many turners have commented "I don't need that artsy stuff....I'm a turner!". I think this demo has changed the minds of many of those who attended one of these demos. The golden rectangle, and the golden triangle are covered, as well as how they apply to the turner. Emphasis, unity, balance...some of the topics covered. My " Tompkins Triangle" method will be discussed also. This will coincide with a article being published in Woodturning Design magazine.

My belief...turning dynamic pieces is not an accident or a mysterious process. Just like any other craft, there are techniques that anyone can apply to improve their work. If you plan to attend the symposium, please look me up, and consider attending my presentations! I would love to meet a few more of my WC friends.

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