Turning Archive 2005

Aw Nuts!

>I've been meaning to try my hand at one of the little acorns that I've seen posted on occasion. The first one that I saw was the one that Ed Kelle sent to Jim Shaver along with some Pens for Peacekeepers. When Jim posted that I just fell in love with it and knew I had to have one....so Ed and I have done a trade....one of my mini's for one of his acorns! I can't wait to receive it! Thank you Ed! In the mean time....I tried my hand at making one myself. I didn't want Ed's to come and feel like I "cheated". So here's my attempt at copying nature. Not even close, but you get the idea. These are so fun to make but as slow as I work...I think I'll keep my day job.

This is about the size of a golf ball made from a maple bottom and cherry cap. Burned top for texture. Usual finish. Suction fit....well it was a suction fit :(


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