Turning Archive 2005

GRizzly vicmarc copy

John Lucas
>OK I've now used the Grizzly copy of the vicmarch 100 chuck, a bunch. I'm guessing, but I've turned around 20 or so bowls, 30 or so ornaments and a lot of other small stuff. It's pretty darned good but simply isn't as accurate as the Vicmarc. For bowls and bigger things it seems to work fine. I didn't start to notice inaccuracies until I was trying to turn really intricate stuff that required precise alignment. The grizzly would be off just a hair. it is a decent chuck for most things but when you start looking at a few thousandths of an inch accuracy it just isn't there. It's definitely worth $100 and would serve most people quite well. Apparently there have been a few quality problems so I would check on the Grizzly return policy before buying. As near as I can tell from reading the different news groups the happy buyers outnumber the unhappy ones by a fair margin but then this is a very very unscientific study.

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