Turning Archive 2005

Good day

John Lucas
>Today is starting out much better than yesterday. Yesterday I started out having problems with the table saw height adjustment no locking. Screwed up some good wood.

Then I was turning on the big lathe which I've weighted down, it now weighs 1000 lbs. Well I bent over to pick up some sandpaper that I dropped and when I stood up hit my head on the tool rest banjo. Now when I say I hit my head I'm not talking about one of those kind that goes bonk and you say a few polite words. No I'm talking about one of those where you have to sit back down and you are trying to decide whether those things flying around your head are stars or birds.

Then I was turning a 2 part Zebra wood ornament and blew it up. It had grain running 45 degrees to the wood axis and I should have been turning a little slower and with smaller cuts.

Next I realized that I had cut the rabbits to shallow on a piece of wood that was destined to be a round ornament. If I made the ornament round I would lose the Yellow heart inserts.

My son and I decided to call it quits for the day so we went out and shot the muzzloader that my dad gave me. This thing is old but shoots very well. We had a good time sharing the father and son thing and he really liked shooting it. It's a 32 caliber Kentucky rifle, cap and ball. Has a preset trigger so you just barely have to touch the main trigger and it fires. It's heavy enough that is has less recoil than a 22. Best of all the sights are way out on the barrel so even my old eyes can see them.

Today I've turned several ornament balls, and even saved the ones with the miscut rabbits. I finished off 2 finials and dedided to make some biscuits so My son and I can have a snack. I'll go back after the biscuits are gone and turn some more ornaments. Then I'll cut up some wood for my demo at the club meeting on Wednesday. I'm doing a demo on easy techniques for roughing bowls.

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