Turning Archive 2005

Mini Lathe Purchase

Sam Dean
>Hello all,

Looks like I'm in the market for a new mini lathe. My little friend of 15 years, the carba tec, finally bit the dust last night. After all the years of rigs and fixes to keep it going, and the fact it has served me very well, it's time to retire the little lathe. It seems like the popular concensus is that the Jet VS mini is the way to go, so who has the best price? They're $380 at Amazon with free shipping plus a $25 rebate. Anyone know of a better rate?

Also, has anyone tried the Woodtek Midi Wood Lathe? It looks like a nice little machine and the price is right, but it's not available in a VS model. Any and all input is appreciated, as well as suggestions for other mini's in that price range. Send me an e-mail if you have a used mini that you want to sell as well. I've got a lot of Christmas work I'm in the middle of, so I need to order something in the next few days.


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