Turning Archive 2005

OT: Another culinary question

Ken Grunke from SW WI
>This is about hashbrowns.
After peeling my potatoes with a newly sharpened peeler (thanks, Charles Bjorgen), I like to shred them with a regular old kitchen grater and throw the raw shreds into a cast iron skillet of hot oil, mixed with grated onion.

My question is, when you have most of the potato or onion grated, how do you keep from shredding your fingers? is there a product available to hold the small chunk so it can be fully shredded right down to the end? I like to prepare my breakfast in peace, without an electric gizmo screaming at me.

Later in the day I can tolerate the high-pitched whine of my Oregon 12v. chainsaw blade sharpener, as I do a light touch-up on each and every hole of my old-fashioned grater--secure in the knowledge that, like carving and woodturning tools, a sharp grater is safer than a dull one as long as the proper accessory is at hand. Like a finger protector. Any bright ideas?

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