Turning Archive 2005

If you are in Secret Santa! (Rant!)

Carole in VA
>Then, dang it, go set up a profile!!!! What you do, level of experience maybe even a wish list. And if you post under a different name than the one your Santa has, then say so. If you just say "turning" or "flatwork" that's not a whole lot of help. If we know you are a newbie, intermediate or advanced it would help a little. If we know you turn pens, or bowls, or segmented stuff, or if you make chairs or whatever or if you are a Neander, that would help too. I like to send people something they can use! If you never post and just lurk and stick your head out when it comes to Christmas and Secret Santa and you don't bother to tell us anything about yourself, then you just might get a switch or a lump of coal!!! End of rant.

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