Turning Archive 2005

Birch and Watco Danish - what the Heck!

David Breth
>I've been working on a spalted white birch, double-bullseye bowl (a very small one), that I thought I would try to finish with Watco. I've had two sessions where I "kept it wet" for about forty minutes, then wiped off excess, and another session where I "kept it wet" for about 20 minutes, then wet sanded with 400 grit, making sure to spend lots of time on the end grain (bullseyes), then wiped it off.

So, how does it look?


The are are areas of end grain and side grain that look darker for my efforts, but that is all. Some areas of end grain look almost untouched by oil. I'm thinking that my next step will be to put the bowl in a baggy filled with watco and let it sit and soak for....ever, to saturate this thing to death, and then probably wet sand it when it comes out. I guess I would leave it in the bag for a day. I'm guessing it would take one more "20 minute with wet sand" session to put a final coat on. Whattya think?

David B.

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