Turning Archive 2005

WC Turning Exchange Update

David Propst
>We now have 88 signed up for the exchange game!

See the rules below. I think I have listed everyone who has e-mailed.

The deadline to join is Nov. 30. I will match up the names and e-mail them within a couple of days after that. I'll post when I do so everyone knows to check their e-mail.

As the administrator for this, I have tried to figure out how I can play and not know who was sending me a turning. If someone has an idea let me know. If I do know I promise it will be a random pick.

  • To enter, please e-mail me with your name and address.

  • The deadline to join is Nov 30

  • Turnings should be received by the week of Jan 15-21. Plan your mailing accordingly!

  • This is a fun exchange of turnings between friends, not an exchange of comparative value items or a contest.

  • All turnings are welcome: pens, hollowforms, bowls, stoppers, candlesticks, etc.

  • We have several international participants. If you do not wish to incur the added expense of mailing an international package let me know and I'll accomodate when matching names.

Kurt Aebi
Richard Allen
Charles Anderson
Chris Andrew
Mike Andriacco
Steven Antonucci
Matt Birchfield
Lan Brady
Harvey Brooks
Cody Carse
Jorge Castaneda
David Chung
Spencer Cone
Wayne Cooper
Mike Cunningham
Terry Daniel
Dennis Daudelin
Ed Davidson
Ken DeMarco
Wally Dickerman
Jamie Donaldson
Ronny Eelen
Earl Erye
Gary Evans
Russ Fairfield
George Fitzpatrick
Aaron A. Gesicki
Barbara Gill
Scott Greaves

Dominic Greco
Bill Grumbine
Ken Grunke
Bob Hackett
Bill Hale
Dick Hines
Phil Joines
Frank Joseph
Ed Karch
Mark Kauder
Pete Kekel
Ed Kelle
Tony Kennick
Jay Kilpatrick
Kurt O. Krauter
Chris Kuehn
Greg Kulibert
John Lucas
Bill MacLachlan
Bobby McCarley
James McClure
Bernie McGivern
Gerry Meekins
Harvey Meyer
Doug Miller
Ed Moore
Pat Mulligan
Stephen Mushinski
Ruth Niles
Raymond Overman

Dave Peebles
Paul Porter
David Propst
Jim Pugh
Terry Quiram
David Ramer
Mac Ray
Chris Rolke
Ron Sardo
Jack Savona
Juergen Schleicher
Barry Scotton
Jim Shaver
Dale Sherman
Jennifer Shirley
Michael Sinclair
Dave Smith
Bert Smith
Colin Spencer
Stephen Stokes
Jeff Theil
Keith Tompkins
Doug Trembath
Carole Valentine
Brad Vietje
Molly Winton
Mark Wollschlager
Keith Zimmerman

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