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Woodcraft Collet Chuck - Tips

Gary Ratajczak
>I thought I would share a little experience with the collet chuck being offered by Woodcraft. For those not familiar, it's a MT2 chuck it that comes complete with all the insert collets. Price is $79.00, so it's an attractive offering compared to the competitors.

At first glance, looking into the backside of the removable portion of the chuck, it appears that a portion is machined improper. The actual hole is off center. I assembled the chuck, with an insert, and the collet would not make contact with the end of the chuck.

Stopped into Woodcraft and talked with one of the Sales persons - we pulled one out to look at. He indicated they have taken a number back for the same issue. Just by chance, I assembled with the collet placed into the removable portion of the chuck FIRST. Well - everything fit perfectly. If you assemble with the collet going into the MT receiver first, it will NOT go together properly.

Got home and tried mine - works perfect.

Just thought I would try and save some trips back for a return!

Happy turning

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