Turning Archive 2005

I have the nicest looking workbench of all

David Breth
>Now that I spilled about $5 worth of Watco Danish Oil on it. I'm not ordinarily given to foul language in the workshop, but I made an exception specific to that moment and felt much better afterward.

Slippery wet Latex gloves, needed a bit more oil in the cup I was using to dab the rag in, and knocked it right over. Ha ha ha. The stuff is viscous and fast-moving. I've now got a workbench, hammer, vice grips, screwdriver, ratchet drive that all have the shimmering quality to them that woodworkers have loved for generations - they really have that old-world appeal. A few paper items didn't survive the ordeal though. Like anything paper it came in contact with, including my favorite shoebox, where I keep all my odds & ends lathe tools (yeah, I know, I should store them differently. The shoebox was free, now I have to go buy another pair of shoes to replace the box).

So what was your greatest spill?

David B.

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