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Acrylic paint and dye ??? update

Ed Moore
>First, thank you to each who responded. The clucking that you hear is the reaction to me "chickening out". Early this morning I took a good look at the box with its dark blue-green tones, sanded off most of the dye and then put a coat of black gesso on the exterior. It looks better already. Suggestions are welcome.

I have overcome the temptation to have an artist friend paint a chicken on the box. But the appeal of such a thing is far stronger than what a rational person should have. (You may go there.)

The colors that I was considering for this box were motivated by a box in "500 Wood Bowls" as found on page 80. The artist is Michael Hampel. The bowl is also found on his website, which is also a treat. The exterior is close to the color of my AAW smock.

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