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Hard Maple NE Winged Bowl *PIC*

Jim Ketron
>I have not done much turning in the past few weeks, and a few of my buddies was kinda giving me a hard time. Out of all the winged bowls that have been posted in the past few days, I slipped up and showed them a winged bowl rough out thats been setting around the shop for about 7-8 months. They gave me a 2 week time limit to get it posted, so here it is.

Hard Maple Limb Burl it measures 12" X 8 1/4" 2 1/2" deep. The finish is Rocklers wipe on gel poly and buffed.

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Hard Maple NE Winged Bowl *PIC*
Re: Hard Maple NE Winged Bowl
Beauty ! *NM*
Looks great! *NM*
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