Turning Archive 2005

Met Jennifer@Indy and Al Crandall

DougJ in Crawfordsville, IN
>I went over to Indy to meet a few WC'ers and to learn a thing or two.
Jennifer- What a great person, and a wonderful turner. Very patient with us less knowledgeable turners. Thanks for your finishing info. I hope to put it to use soon. (I bought the 1" square scraper while there, as well as some 3X sandpaper. They took the 25% off it as well)
Al- As always a great guy, and full of information. Barely had any questions for Al, he usually answered it before you could ask it. (Don't worry Al, you won't read anything about me watching you clamping your finger in the jaws of your Talon chuck while demostrating it to another guy. Ouch was a quite fitting word.)
I have read it here many times before and I will now concure. If you get a chance to meet either of these people please take the time to do so. Both are very personable and quite likeable.

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