Turning Archive 2005

Buff/Finish questions

Barry Irby
>I just finished buffing a cherry bowl with the Beale System. I used Tripoli and White Diamond, but not the wax. Would it be acceptable to put lacquer on it now? I understand the Carnuba wax and lacquer are not fully compatible, but what about now if I did not use the wax?

What is the "Binder" in the tripoli? It appeared waxy. I think I put too much on the wheel and left some "skid" marks. Cleaned the wheel and buffed them off.

What about oil based finishes? Would there be less of a conflict with the Beale System components? I am trying to make a bowl that could be used for a salad bowl, but I suspect they won't actually use it.

I would like for the cherry to POP. Would oil be better.

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