Turning Archive 2005

WCers are such special people!

Carole in VA
>A few weeks ago I posted an OT over on the flat side about how distressed I was that Dish Network had dropped OLN right before the PBR World Finals. Then out of the blue I get a note from Joanne that she has recorded rounds 1 and 2 and will continue to record all 8 rounds for me. That is a LOT of recording...about 18 to 20 hours worth! Especially for someone who has no interest in professional bull riding! Then Curt offered to help by loaning her his DVD recorder so she could make DVDs for me since my VCR player was broken. This week I received a package from Joanne containing the entire Finals on both tapes and DVDs along with a nice chunk of Mulberry to put on my lathe. Unbelievable! This WC Family is so great!
To Joanne and Curt: What goes around comes around! Don't know exactly when, but one of these days the favor will be returned in one form or another! Thanks so much. :)

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