Turning Archive 2005

Raw Deal from Grizzly

>I know I should have listned to myself saying you get what you pay for. I have seen all the people complain about Grizzly quality yet I could't help myself,I orderded one of those Vicmarc look alike chucks. The chuck sent to me would not "self center". After I cut a spigot and mounted a piece of wood in the chuck you could see the wood moving up and down. I don't know if it was the insert or the jaws or do I care. I called Grizzly customer service and was told to return it with a copy of the postage and they would give me a full refund. My credit card statement came today and no refund from Grizzly. I called Grizzly again today and was told they could't find the chuck defective and charged a 10%restocking fee and couldn't refund the return postage. Turns out to be a he said you said deal and the customer is wrong and Grizzly's tech is right. It was noted by the tech that the merchandise was in new and resalable condition. Maybe I am wrong but it looks to me I paid postage both ways on a defective part and Grizzly still makes a 10% profit on the deal. Maybe more if they never credit my credit card. It's been three weeks since they took delivery of the return. Probly think $30.00 is not worth the trouble to make a big deal out of. Maybe I will cool down but I don't think so.

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