Turning Archive 2005

Grinder tune ups

>A thread is running below about some grinder balance problems. Several have mentioned truing the sides of the wheels. Note that if you true the sides of a wheel that is wobbling you may make matters worse. It becomes necessary to take exactly the same amount of weight off each side of the wheel, 180 degrees apart. If the wheel is not standing 90 degrees to the shaft and you take off mass on the front left side then you have to take off an equal amount on the rear right side. It is far better to get the wheel running true. Look at the plates that support the wheel. If they are thin (like washers) they need thrown away and replaced by either the One-way plates or a custom made set by a local machine shop; or spend a few more bucks and get a good grinder to start with and all this becomes unnecessary. Some of the cheaper grinders work with the thin plates until you hang a tool between the wheel and the toolrest. When this happens it bends the thin plates and allows the wheel to wobble. On better grinders you will not bend the plates.

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