Turning Archive 2005

We get hurt most often when....

>We use a machine to do things it was not designed to do. Example:
Bandsaws were not designed to cut end-grain. Bandsaw blades are not designed to cut end-grain. I learned this from my Woodmizer experience. If you try to cut a goblet blank or box blank from a quarter log by sitting the blank upright on your bandsaw you are going to have to buy a new calculator because when you count on your fingers things aren't going to add up. Reason: bandsaw blades load up when trying to cut end-grain. A loaded up blade is the same as a dull blade. When the blade gets loaded you push harder to make it cut. Then when you turn the blank and start cutting across the growth rings the blade unloads and starts cutting very well again; too well! The blanks moves forward much faster than you anticipate and your hand is there pushing the blank and.....need I say more? Be especially careful when sawing in parallel with the growth rings.

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