Turning Archive 2005

WoodMizer for turning blanks?

JKJ in East TN
>For those of you who use a bandsaw mill to produce or help produce turning blanks, can you provide some experience about holding and cutting small pieces?

I currently prepare blanks with a chainsaw and Delta bandsaw. I've got a new Woodmizer set up now and it would certainly cut thick blocks a LOT faster if I could figure out a way to hold irregular pieces, short cants, and blocks securely.

I thought of making a glued up hard maple "workbench" surface to lay between the rails. Put a short fence down one side. Maybe a short fence across one end. In this block, I would cut a number of holes for square or round "bench dogs", welded from steel stock. Then weld some type of clamp on the top of other stock. It seems to me a number of clamps and dogs could securely hold just about any shaped chunk of wood.

I know the blades are made for ripping. How well does a bandsaw mill work across the grain on a large block?

Any other ideas, advice, experience, encouragement, warnings?


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