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Kelton Hollowing System question *PIC*

Ted Owen, Pittsburgh
>I bought a Kelton Hollowing Rig to go with my new lathe. Have been setting it up the past couple days, and I have a question you folks may be able to answer.

During setup, you adjust a 3-bar slide arm tool holder at both ends of its travel, making sure the adjusting arm is tight enough to prevent twisting of the slide arm but not so tight that it restricts movement.

I have adjusted the holder at both ends, but there remains play in the middle--about 1/16", or perhaps 5 degrees of rotation. I'm guessing that the cause is one or more slightly bent arms. When I get a chance, will take things apart to determine whether the arms are true.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? Was it caused by a bent arm? Or do you just live with it?

BTW, this type of problem is consistent with the poor fit and finish of the system otherwise. Grinding was required on two components to assemble them.

Photo is from Lee Valley from whom I bought the system. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Best, Ted

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