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Spindle turning chatter - - wisdom sought !

Pete in Holland, MI
>Greetings all -

Have done most of my turning in bowls this past year, but recently had a couple reasons to turn a couple handles for some old Army folding shovels. Resultant handle was about 1 1/2" diameter and 20" long. Wood used was red oak (ya, I know there are better woods for the purpose, but it was handy). Had a lot of problems with chatter during the roughing phases all the way up to finish turning. Found it better to use the rouging gouge more perpendicular to the wood rather than "pushing" the turning gouge, like on a bowl, but only minimised the chatter. Had similar issues when trying to use the skew. Tried slow, medium & fast RPMs and didn't help. Was rubbing the bevel on both tools as best as I could. Tools are sharp.

Is my diameter-to-length in the chattering range? Is it the wood choice.

Thanx for your help !


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